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ICT for Women
ICT for Women
  What is the ICT for Women?

    What is ICT for Women?
      ICT for Women is a project for the development of women in the Information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The overall objective of the project is to promote sustainable development for women through empowering women to set up their own small businesses or progress in their careers. Such a project is critical for providing women the knowledge and skills an appropriate platform, resources and capacities to compete in the ICT sector at the national and regional levels. The project will create a niche of developed female small business entrepreneurs who will have the knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges of the ICT market. This project will generate employment opportunities as well as add more chance for these women to advance in their careers or to be employed after acquiring the new skills. The project proposes two modules on socio-economic indicators, educating women in ICT and reducing unemployment and small business failure, to be piloted in greater governorate of Egypt (Cairo, Qaliobeya, & Giza).

    • To empower women small business entrepreneurs through developing their knowledge and professional skills in ICT sector.
    • To help generate business opportunities for women entrepreneurs
    • To help accelerate the development of women's small businesses and ensure their effective contribution to the country's socio-economic growth

    • Establish and develop state-of-the-art e-Learning facilities and systems for training female small business entrepreneurs through the capacity build-up of the local e- Learning service providers.
    • Establish a training content resource pool of localized training course material together with already existing online courses to support knowledge development and professional skill development of female small business entrepreneurs. Develop web-based versions for the courses that do not have a web based version.
    • Acquire a Learning Management System.
    • Guide and teach project training supervisors of the prospective training center on e-Learning systems and procedures. Have a team of supervisors to monitor the work groups of women and ensure they are working in the right manner as well as drive them towards the appropriate direction according to the market demand and needs.
    • Create a knowledge portal to benefit women.
    • Promote the National Council for Women to ensure the proper awareness of the female entrepreneur or unemployed females who are interested in ICT field, to maximize the utilization of their outputs and ensure their impact on the female population. Thus creating a niche of female entrepreneurs who want to work in the IT field .
    • Provide operate, and manage an efficient and effective e-Learning services to female small business entrepreneurs through the National Council for Women.
    • Women. will develop ICT products to sell in the ICT market.

    • The project is aimed at women aged 25-35 years.
    • The women entrepreneurs residence in the Greater Cairo Governorates (Cairo, Giza, Qalioubeya).
    • The women who have a BSc. or BA in any field.
    • The women who have good working knowledge of windows, MS office, and surfing the net.
    • Women who are unemployed (unemployed women are also given priority).
    • Women with interest in starting their own business.

    Graphic design:
    • GUI Design
    • Photoshop
    • Macromedia Flash MX 4
    • Multimedia Specialist:
      • Multimedia Concept and Design
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe After Effects:
      • Adobe Premiere:
      • Macromedia Flash MX
      • 3D Studio Ma
    Information and Telecommunication:
    • Network Essentials:
      • Network Plus
      • TCP/IP Protocols:
      • LANS
    • Network Systems Management
    • ISDN Concepts and Networking
    S/W developer or programmer:
    C IN 21 DAYS
    • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
    • Object Oriented Program using C++
    • RDBMS Fundamentals: Database Principles
    • SQL Server 7
    Web developer:
    • Hyper Text Markup Language "HTML"
    • Extensible Markup Language "XML"
    • Java scripts
    • Database Concept & Design
    • Active Server Pages "ASP"
    • ASP.NET
    • Dream Waver MX
    • File Transfer Protocol "FTP"
    • Web Administration

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