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  What is the SMEs e-learning Project?
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What is SMEs e-learning Project?
The proposed project, the "SME's e-Learning Project" addresses the SMEs in Egypt and the problems that they are facing as a result of their lack of experience and knowledge of the economic environment. A large percentage tend to fail because of wrong decision making. They lack the know -hows of how to best cope in the present circumstances and how to tackle the problems that face them. They need to be able to make decisions based on the basis of the economy workings. The technology gave us a golden opportunity to make this possible. The state of the art e-learning can help deliver this body of knowledge to the entrepreneurs of the SMEs. The building of the human resources is crucial in order to build help strengthening the competitive performance of SMEs.

Project Objectives:
    The main strategic objectives of the project are:
    • To empower small and medium entrepreneurs through developing their knowledge and professional skills
    • To help generate business opportunities for small and medium entrepreneurs
    • To help accelerate the development of the small and medium enterprises "SME's" and ensure their effective contribution to the country's socio-economic growth

    To achieve its strategic objectives the project will aim at fulfilling the following immediate goals:
    • Establish and develop state-of-the-art e-Learning facilities and systems for training small and medium entrepreneurs through the capacity build-up of the local e-Learning service providers.
    • Initiate and develop e-Learning training programs for SME to cater for their basic knowledge and professional skill development needs.
    • Establish a training content resource pool of localized training course material to support knowledge development and professional skill development of small and medium entrepreneurs.
    • Develop web-based versions for the course content of each module to be used by small and medium entrepreneurs through the internet at the e-learning facilities that they will use at their our cities or villages.
    • Acquire a Learning Management System and SMEs Learning Program.
    • Develop working and information systems, procedures and franchising documentation of the e-Learning program to be adopted by service providers.
    • Train the project related key stake-holders, service providers and administrators on the e-Learning systems and procedures.
    • Promote the Social Fund e-Learning programs to ensure the proper awareness of the small and medium entrepreneurs to maximize the utilization of the outputs and ensure their impact on the small and medium enterprises development
    • Provide, operate, and manage an efficient and effective e-Learning services to small and medium Egyptian entrepreneurs through the Social Fund e-Learning Program.

    The beneficiaries of the project are two main groups:
    • The Small and medium entrepreneurs living in the 27 governorates of Egypt
    • The e-learning service providers who will be signing franchise agreements with the project

    The project aims at delivering ten main courses designed from a specially prepared content from the following topics:
    • Marketing
    • Target Markets
    • Promotion and advertising
    • Marketing concepts
    • Pricing
    • Gathering information
    • Customers: Purchasing processes & trends
    • Product planning and development
    • Management
    • Finance and Legal Issues
    • Cost, Profit and Break-Even
    • Small business Bookkeeping
    • Analyzing Business Performance
    • Planning and Control with Budgets
    • Business Law
    • Ownership Structures
    • Taxation
    • Insurance
    • Work-Based Learning Studies
    • Effective communication
    • Managing time and work effectively
    • Successful presentation
    • Building successful teams
    • Business Skills
    • Quality improvement
    • Recruitment
    • Performance appraisal
    • Leadership
    • Employee development
    • The importance of internal training
    • What are your training needs?
    • Recruiting and laying-off staff
    • PR & networking
    • Setting and monitoring Goals
    • Listening, questioning, communicating and negotiating
    • Coping with adversity and performing under pressure
    • Running problem-solving and focused meetings and presentations
    • Developing subordinates and building cohesive teams
    • Employees Skills
    • Listening
    • Self-organization & time management
    • Business Skills Management Training
    • Selling your ideas
    • Public speaking and presentation
    • Writing reports and memos
    • Negotiating successfully
    • Getting along with your boss
    • Motivation
    • Achieving high performance
    • Boosting creativity
    • Stress
    • Information Technology
    • Spreadsheets Fundamentals
    • Computerized Accounting (inventory)
    • World Processing Functions
    • Electronic Mail
    • E-marketing and e-commerce for SME's
    • Introduction to Electronic Commerce
    • Electronic Commerce - Business to Business
    • Electronic Commerce - Business to Consumer
    • Marketing over the Internet

    Potential Partners:
    • Social Fund for Development
    • Small Enterprise Development Organization "SEDO-SFD"
    • North Africa Enterprise Development, IFC-World Bank
    • United Nations Development Program - UNDP
    • UN Industrial Development Organization - UNIDO
    • The United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP
    • International Monetary Fund - IMF
    • Office of the High Representatives - OHRLLS
    • World Trade Organization - WTO
    • UN Conference on Trade & Development - UNCTAD
    • United Nations Institute for Training and Research - UNITAR
    • Women's Development Center
    • Development, Distribution and Training Center-DDTC

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