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  What is GKSP-Egypt?
  Our Mission
  Why Knowledge Education & Services?
What is GKSP-Egypt?
Over the last decade, it has become evident that the global economy is becoming increasingly dependent up on the ability to effectively produce and use knowledge. In order to maintain a global competitive advantage, individuals, corporations, communities, regions, and governments must invest in knowledge in order to prepare for the development of what so-called the "Knowledge-Based Economy" where knowledge is created, acquired, disseminated, and utilized more efficiently and effectively by enterprises, organizations, individuals and communities for greater socioeconomic development and global competitiveness. Due to the higher demands that the knowledge revolution is placing on all economies, GDLC-Egypt, hosted at Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center - RITSEC (Link to RITSEC), has realized the prompt need to capitalize on such revolution.

GKSP-Egypt is an initiative to build the foundation of innovation and knowledge in the 21st century knowledge economy. It draws together key people and organizations from different industries, functions and geographies in comprehensive and Services of learning, development, research and practical action as an attempt to help countries develop holistic education systems aimed at building dynamic knowledge societies that are key to competing in global markets. The project focuses on identifying practical means of harnessing knowledge, innovation and new ICT in order to promote empowerment, informed decision making, and global competitiveness, and consequently, build the foundations for a sustainable knowledge society.

Our Mission
"Since knowledge is increasingly presented as the crucial factor in the development of both the society and the economy our mission is to help transform Egypt into a knowledge-based economy by fostering a flexible, adaptive, market-based economy, innovative and learning society where knowledge is created, acquired, disseminated and used by organizations, individuals, and the whole community for greater socio-economic development and global competitiveness."

Why Knowledge Education & Services?
    On the threshold of the 21st century, the world is facing daunting challenges:
    • A globalized economy that is high-speed, competitive and knowledge driven, and that requires a high- quality workforce that is agile, flexible and capable of adjusting to new knowledge and skill demands
    • Exponential growth in knowledge generation.
    • Drastic innovations in technology, telecommunications and informatics that are transforming the production and delivery processes
    • A more and more sophisticated society that necessitates higher levels of innovation
Meeting these challenges quickly points to the crucial need for the effective creation of knowledge and cultivation of innovative people. It is basically through knowledge education and training that individuals can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to function in the workplace and the tools to access, assess, adopt and apply new knowledge for intelligent action. Accordingly, building a base of knowledge leadership who will apply and diffuse their knowledge skills allover the economy and hence, widen the knowledge circle.

GKSP-Egypt offers knowledge programs that prepare learners for the knowledge paradigm of thinking and empower them to transform all their tacit knowledge into intelligent action. The programs will also provide participants with the unique opportunity for key organizational members and knowledge specialists to pool their resources in a collective effort and showcase their involvements and achievements in knowledge and to share lessons learned from their experiences.
Our programs utilize hands-on, minds-on and reality-on tools in order to make knowledge education engaging, authentic, and sustainable.
    GKSP-Egypt knowledge programs include:
    • Knowledge Innovation Certification
      Over the last decade, it has become evident that the global economy is becoming increasingly dependent on the ability to effectively produce and utilize knowledge. In order to maintain a global competitive advantage, individuals and corporations must invest largely in the innovative use and exploitation of knowledge.
      The Entovation® Certification Program brings together the best of the global research in the fields of knowledge and innovation together with a thorough learning program that allows for knowledge/experience sharing with qualified practitioners. Learners won't be listening to dry lectures on Knowledge Innovation. Rather, they will assume the role of a "Chief Innovation Officer" at an organization and learn new concepts and the innovative ways of applying them. The seminars will provide insights into the fundamentals of Knowledge Innovation so as to ensure that participants are gaining knowledge about Knowledge Innovation issues and can directly apply it to their own organizations for intelligent action and informed decision making.
    • Project Management Program
      Knowledge is now becoming the key ingredient to propel the wheel of progress and competitiveness in the 21st century. Project Management (PM) is the art and science of converting abstract knowledge into Concrete and applicable one. PM addresses the issues of change and transition throughout the project life cycle starting from need awareness, initiation, planning, implementation, control and close out in a most effective manner. Keeping in view the requirement of the PM profession which is heavily dependent upon the diffusion of knowledge with an effective educational system in place, pmguruonline provides a thorough understanding of PM processes that prepare the learners to intelligently apply this knowledge in their area of work.
      The certification aims at preparing candidates for the International Exam of International Project Management Association-IPMA® of Switzerland where seven broad areas based on a Project Management Body Of Knowledge-United Kingdom are offered.
    • Knowledge For Development
      At the dawn of the new millennium, knowledge and information are becoming key factors of development Increasing scientific understanding and rapid advances in information and communication technologies are leading to unprecedented changes in how knowledge is produced and disseminated. Developing countries now have the opportunity to exploit the knowledge revolution and build the foundations for the knowledge-based economy in order to help reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. Accordingly, the World Bank Institute "WBI" has designed a new program, knowledge for Development, that help participants look at problems of development in a new way - from the perspective of knowledge.

  • Global Knowledge Shops
    The Global Knowledge shops (GK Shops) aim at facilitating the gathering of special interest groups, either virtually through the Internet and the video conferencing technology or physically through face to face roundtable workshops. Special interest groups will be meeting on-line through GKSP's discussion forum in order to improve communication and have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas among each other.

    In addition to online discussions, video conferencing sessions are to be held for each group with experts of the discussed topic. The Link of Egyptian Executives and Professionals to International Experts through video conferencing, facilitates exchanging Knowledge as well as tackling new approaches and trends of business. This mode allows for the productive communication among participants across geographic barriers.

    The transfer of knowledge through GKSP discussion and sharing of Knowledge issues through a series of shops aims at empowering leaders of the new knowledge-based economy.

    Participants and experts in the GK shop are invited to make a presentation illustrating lessons learnt, including what was effective and what wasn't in promoting knowledge for development to address the challenges and opportunities of empowerment and governance.

    The GK Shop will also allow for the practice of new technologies, tools and strategies that utilize knowledge and information in addressing knowledge challenges.

    The Knowledge Tools include:
       Decision Architecture
       Situation Analysis
       Option Development
       Option Evaluation
       Risk Assessment

  • Global Knowledge Diwan
    The knowledge Diwan is formed for the benefit of executives. Members attending the GKSP's activities will be members at the Diwan. The Knowledge Diwan aims at empowering leaders of the knowledge based economy through several services that it provides.

    Members attending the GKSP events will benefit from the following value-added services:
       Receiving periodic Newsletter
       Video Conference service
       Seminar Alerting
       Gala Dinner
       Knowledge tours

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