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Abtal Shotar
Little Horus
Abtal Shotar
eKnowledge presents kids with innovative content brought to them through a unique and amusing cartoon characters: Abtal Shotarô. The exotic cartoons deliver educational material in a way best enjoyed and understood by our young loved ones. Featured in educational games with voice-over narration in both English and Arabic, vibrant colors and motivational songs, we are confident that kids will love them!
Abtal Shotar offers Educational entertainment programs for kids in the most interactive through the program's cartoon characters: Abtal Shotar.
    Educational Activity Games:
    • Super Adventure Series
      • Colors & Shapes Circus
        • Abtal shotar presents to you great circus shows
        • Child entrance to world of colors with exciting scenes
        • Knowing all main colors and their mixtures
        • Learning shapes
        • Practicing on differentiating the weight and size of things
        • Knowing the right sequence between objects
      • Alphabets & Numbers Forest
        • Abtal shotar with great adventures in the forest
        • Knowing the alphabets in both English and Arabic
        • Matching the letter with the word starting with that letter
        • Learning how to write the letters and numbers correctly
        • Knowing the correct sequence of letters and numbers
        • Know how to count and add

    • Smart Workbook Series
      • Alphabets and Numbers
        An alphabetical, numerical e-book presented in both English and Arabic through which one can learn by himself in an entertainment musical environment. One can write and listen to the correct pronunciation of the letter and number.
      • Painter
        A Hobby e-book, through which, the child can paint in a musical interactive environment, with various scenes of our cartoon characters "Abtal Shotar".
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