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Arabic Language for non-native Speakers
The Arabic for foreigners distance learning program is presented by the Arab Academy which is an educational portal that aims at teaching Arabic language and Islam to Muslims around the world. The Arab Academy offers a comprehensive learning package for non-native speakers that guide them through all Arabic language levels. It also offers Islamic educational lessons that may be of benefit to both native and non-native speakers of Arabic. Hence, the Arab Academy addresses the needs of all Muslims: native and non-native speakers of Arabic.
The Arab Academy is the first site to offer a comprehensive professional Arabic language program. Any education program is based on a curriculum. The Arab Academy has invested heavily in the development of its own interactive curriculum Copyrights are its own. The curriculum was tested, evaluated and used by students and teachers for over three years.

    Program Outline:
    • modem Standard Arabic
    • Quran
    • Hadith
    • Sirah
    • Arabic for Christians
    • Colloquial Arabic
    • Business Arabic
    • Language & Culture
    • Arabic Songs
    • Story Telling-Culture
    • Story Telling-Religion (Muslim & Christian).
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